RUDI by Karla Williams

RUDI by Karla Williams

This is a fictional memoir which takes the reader on a journey into the life of Rudi Weldon. The reader is transported back to Prague, the capital of the newly-founded Democratic Republic of Czechoslovakia, to meet Rudi Weldon, her sister March, her cousin and suitor Josef, her other suitor Tom and their families. The story spans twenty years, from the end of the First World War through to the end of the Second World War.

The reader will share the struggles and joys of the Weldon family as they rebuild their lives in the Reconstruction which follows the war, and then as the Communist Machine sweeps across Europe, consuming the independence of Czechoslovakia and traumatically changing the way of life of the Czech people. The book paints a vivid picture of family life and spontaneously amazing children. It also tells of a love story, of Europe in 1930s, Fashion, Cinematography and brings to life a History, Lifestyle and Culture “of which we know so little”.*

(*these are the words used by Neville Chamberlain British Prime Minister after he had just sold Czechoslovakia down the river)


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